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Odd Ducks

c66-bufflehead ring-necked.ducks4.jpgbufflehead1.c.crawford.jpgring-necked.duck2.c.crawford.jpg
These two ducks- a male Bufflehead and a male Ring-necked Duck, have been hanging out together above a big dam on the Connecticut river in Wilder , Vermont. They were here in January/February, when they might be expected to be seen, but they’re STILL here , long after they usually would have migrated North. No one has seen either of them fly. They seem content, eat well and stay close. It’s a joy to see them, but. hoping there is nothing wrong with them.

bufflehead, ring-necked

Two ducks still visiting in Vermont

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American Redstart Nesting

American Redstart Female nestingAmerican Redstart Female nestingAmerican Redstart Female leaving her nest
One if the joys of bird-watching is witnessing something special- in this case , an American Redstart female building a nest in a Sumac bush. I watched her for about 15 minutes, and managed to get a few pictures.  The real picture though, is in my memory as a cherished moment!

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Black-billed CuckooBlack-billed Cuckoo and Chestnut-sided WarblerBlack-billed Cuckoo and Chestnut-sided Warbler2Blue-winged Warbler with leafMagnolia WarblerMagnolia Warbler flightGolden-winged Warbler-pair feeding youngGolden-winged Warbler-maleWillow Flycatcher
Got up at 5 AM today to join 30 other birders in Windsor, Vermont, for a lovely morning of bird-watching. Here are some of the highlights.

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