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Common and Hoary Redpoll comparisons

Common Redpoll, hoary Redpoll

Left Common, Right Hoary. Composite photo, same day and time. Taken through window-some smears.

Common Redpoll  Hoary Redpoll

Common left, Hoary, Right-backs. Composite, same day , same time, taken through a window-some smears.

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Birding with a Camera Presentation

Barred Owl in a SbowstormHairy Woodpecker FlightRedhead DuckSlide096.jpg

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Barred Owl Rescue

I was called by my vet (Norwich Regional Animal Hospital aka NoAH),  this past Friday to visit and photograph a Barred Owl that had been brought in by the local police. Got some nice close-up photos- the owl was very calm . Veterinarian Jennifer Lesser (pictured)  was in charge until someone came from the Vermont Institute of Natural Science to take it to their Avian Rehab. facility, where the owl, a female, is recovering from a small wing fracture.

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