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Amazing!! Home “Vernal Pool”??

I have a very small artificial pool that my daughter cleaned out a few days ago. This morning (April 23, 2014) we found an incredible sight in the bottom, where there was just a little water. We started adding some mud, rocks and “”Ramps” so they could hide or get out. Not sure how much water to put in there or what to do next.

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Great Egret fishing with Common Mergansers in Vermont

I was amused to see a scene unfold at Lake Runnemede  in Windsor, Vermont today. A Great Egret was fishing along the shore when it spied 2 Common Mergansers rapidly diving and fishing nearby. It immediately flew over to them and watched intently, presumably to snatch or catch a fish from them. No luck- they quickly swam away.

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More Spring Migrants in Vermont

Red-breasted Merganser-maleRed-breasted Merganser-maleRed-breasted Merganser-malered-breasted.merganser_1696.jpgRed-throated Loon
The Loon is a distant view, but it is very unusual in Vermont. The red-breasted Merganser is also quite unusual, but had better close-up views. Lake Runnemede in Windsor, Vermont. 4/18/2014

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Spring Migrants in Vermont-Mid-April 2014

Spring has finally come, although there is still snow on the ground here in Vermont. Here are a few of the birds seen in the last week or so.  The Ring-necked Ducks were close by, and it was one of the few times I’ve ever seen the rings around their necks.  The Gadwalls were far off, but I loved their flight patterns. Rusty Blackbirds are quite rare here- So glad to have seen these. A northern Harrier in Norwich, Vermont is not very common -they are seen mostly further north. The Northern Mockingbirds are  winter residents, but I only recently saw them.

I’ve also included a watercolor painting I just finished of a Northern Harrier about to take off that I saw at Dead Creek in Addison, Vermont

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