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Mother Fox and her Two Kits

I spied this lovely fox in a field and soon noticed her kits coming out of their den. They stayed out a short while before getting frightened by some loud crows.


01. Red Fox in a Field02.Fox Mom on the alert03. Red fox on the move03. Red Fox running04. Red Fox trot05. Red fox thinking about supper?06. Red Fox pausing to look aroundMother Fox07. Fox Mom contemplating08. Mother Fox looking at something09.Fox Mom heading for the den09a.Red Fox nearing den10.Fox Kits appear11. Fox Kits near den12. Fox Kits together13. Fox Kits Curious14. Fox kitsFox KitFox Kitfox.kits_O6A3978


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Spring Surprises in Vermont

Spring is so exciting here in Vermont. Every day brings a new surprise. For the first time I am seeing a yellow-bellied Sapsucker at my suet. He seems to have to raise his head to swallow the stuff.  (Taken through a dirty window).  There seem to be Bitterns (usually rare and elusive) everywhere. Here is the Sapsucker sharing suet with a Downy Woodpecker. And closer views of the amazing bittern with a frog, and after “lunch”.





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American Bittern eats a HUGE frog!

This bird had quite a struggle with the frog, but it finally got eaten. Took over 10 minutes from capture to swallow.  Here is a sequence, lasting about 10 minutes. (Just a few pictures culled from the whole).







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