Welcome to Creature Kinships  & Natural Affinities! I am a photographer, artist and musician.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

On my web site you will find animal photography, especially including bird photography and wildlife photos by Cynthia Crawford.

You will also find animal portraits, pet portraits, watercolor paintings of animals and pets, and “photo-paintings”- digital artwork and digitally-enhanced photography. In addition, you can see my harp publicatio0n, “Castle & Court Music from Scotland”. I play the small harp, recorder,piano, flute and pennywhistle. My specialties are early music and Scottish Irish and early British music.

Below, you can hear an excerpt from a recording  my husband, Wayne Cripps and I made featuring Wayne on flute and guitar , and myself on flute.

Here is a video of Loons I made with a harp Improvisation.