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Cooper’s Hawk

Immature Cooper’s Hawk, Wilder Vermont, at the Wilder Dam.


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The Hawk and the Flicker


There has been an immature Broad-winged Hawk hanging around our house lately, so when I heard some jays calling, I went to see what was going on. Sure enough, they were mobbing a young Broad-wing, high in a tree. The hawk seemed un-ruffled, but a Northern Flicker came along a little later and sassed the hawk. Eventually it flew off, with the brave Flicker in hot pursuit. (Note-these photos are about 1/16th of the frame-not great , but they do tell a story).


Broad-winged Hawk-VermontNorthern FlickerBroad-winged Hawk and Northern FlickerBroad-winged Hawk flight
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