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This Red-throated Loon is a rare bird here in the White River Junction area of Vermont. It has been fishing at the Wilder Dam outlet where the water is open, perhaps a bit warm, and fish are churned up. Bald Eagles hunt here too, so this Loon is very wary.  This appears to be a non-breeding plumage bird- sex unknown.  I watched it for about 20 minutes today, and got photos of it taking off, and  flying around. Like all Loons, it needed an extensive runway and much foot-paddling before it was air-borne. It landed downstream a ways. I suspect it saw something I didn’t- just a few mallards flying by.

Red-throated Loon in VermontRed-throated Loon in VermontRed-throated Loon Take-offRed-throated Loon Take-offRed-throated Loon in FlightRed-throated Loon in FlightRed-throated Loon in Flight
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