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Yellow-rumped Warbler Visits suet feeder

I love to make stories with my photos, even if they are not all “perfect” pictures, but sometimes documentation is worth more than perfection.  A few days ago I was surprised to see a bright Yellow-rumped Warbled on my suet feeder. It had been cold and rainy all day.  The feeder was almost empty, but he was very determined to glean a crumb.  I took these shots through a window. After he left I put more suet in the feeder and he came back for a better meal.

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Scarlet Tanager

Brilliant Scarlet Tanager Arrives May 1, 2017

Found along a busy roadside-saw this bright speck and came to a screeching halt (safely). He flitted all around, but posed for me briefly. This is an early date for a Scarlet to arrive here in Vermont.

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