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Horned Grebe in Vermont-Spring Migration


This lone Horned Grebe came fairly close for some pleasing shots at the Wilder Dam Boat Launch in Wilder, Vermont on May 1 2014.

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Recent Spring Sightings in Vermont and New Hampshire

There are a number of Merlins in Hanover, N.H. that are likely nesting as they have for several years. Here’s one, high in the treetops.



Merlin in New Hampshire











These Grebes were at the Wilder Dam in Vermont.


Red-Necked Grebes in Vermont

Red-necked Grebes in Vermont


Horned Grebe in Vermont

Horned Grebe in Vermont

Migrating Ducks are also fun to see on the Connecticut River in Vermont and New Hampshire.

  Common Mergansers will be here for the summer and seem to be everywhere right now.  Many Ring-necked Ducks are passing through.

Common Mergansers (male) take-off

Common Mergansers (male) take-off

Ring-necked Duck in Flight

Ring-necked Duck in Flight

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